SEO Training

Learn how to SEO your own website.

With this Learn as you go SEO course you will learn how to improve your website so it can rank well on Google without worrying about algorithm changes from Google. This is not a cookie cutter off the shelf SEO course. This course starts with an in depth analysis of your site and solutions personalized for your business. This is a step by step SEO course designed to improve your ranking, increase traffic and ultimately increase revenue from your online channel.

Our Learn as you go SEO course is designed to be action oriented so that you’re learning search engine optimization, while optimizing your websites.

The goal of our SEO Course is to help website owners …

Improve search engine rankings
Increase website traffic
Expand web presence and reach
But most importantly – Learn to do SEO for themselves!

Learn as You Go SEO Course

The course starts with answering some questions about your business. This helps to create the customized SEO course for your business. After filling out our SEO Questionnaire an audit is conducted by our search marketing expert This audit will point out where your site fails to meet accepted SEO Best Practices.

Once the Best Practice Audit is completed the next step in the development of the SEO course is the creation of the step by step course of action to bring your site up to best practices. This is broken down into easy to understand segments that explain in detail what you are doing and why it is important, so you are not only optimizing your site, but learning SEO as you go.

Our SEO expert will also create a content creation plan to generate traffic for SEO growth specifically for your business.

Our search expert will also create a basic baseline analytics report from which you can measure your SEO growth. One month later we produce a progress report to measure changes to your site.

What you will learn

  • What is a search engine and how does it work
  • 8 Essential Best Practices to insure SEO success
  • 3 Types of Optimization
  • Keyword Research and data mining for SEO success
  • The importance of title tags
  • Control your message with well written description tags
  • Important On page elements
  • Why Google Webmaster Tools is your new BFF
  • Acquire, NOT Build Links with compelling content
  • Benefits of video
  • When to use paid search
  • Basics of using Social Media and SEO

Why Do It Yourself?

Learning the basics of SEO following our proven successful online marketing techniques allows you to actually learn as you go. Each task comes with a definition and description of the technique you are executing so that you’re doing more than executing a task, you’re actually learning search engine optimization!