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Congratulations! You launched your brand new website. It looks amazing by the way. So, where is that rush of orders? Where are the hordes fighting their way to your site? Oh, you haven’t experienced that yet. Why not?  After a while you realized something wasn’t right. You heard about this mysterious thing you need called “SEO” – some kind of dark art apparently only a very few “gurus or experts” practice in secrecy.

You contact your web designer, who doesn’t really know much. They suggest a few, umm, experts and soon find you are deluged with offers to “fix” your website for you. All these offers are written in techno-speak and allude to SEO being a solution that only these companies can provide. They also start talking prices – and this is where you get shocked! $X to do this, $Y to do that and oh, monthly it’s going to cost you $$.

You’ve already blown your marketing budget for the year having your website designed – now these people are telling you that you need to sacrifice your firstborn to pay them to “fix” it… how did it come to this?

Wouldn’t an easy to follow SEO course in plain English so you can do your own SEO come in handy right about now?

SEO Course made easyRelax; help is at hand …

I have been involved in SEO since 1999, helping not only my own business but businesses small and large to rank well on the search engines. I know the tricks that these rogue “SEO Gurus” pull in order to part you from your cash.  Some of them still work, but what they don’t want you to know is that most of them DON’T work anymore! Or that most of them can actually harm your rankings.

I use methods that actually work – over the last 16 years I have developed a set of SEO Best Practices which work time and time again to rank sites well. I am going to lay them out for you in this blog in the form of an easy to follow DIY SEO course in plain English.

DIY SEO Course in Plain English

First the DIY SEO Course will outline what scams and pitfalls to watch out for and avoid. Then I will tell you how you can actually do SEO yourself, easily and quickly and without having to pay anyone for “fixing” your website.

In this SEO course I will spell out the SEO Best Practices I have developed over the years and implemented on sites for small mom and pop shops and Fortune 500 companies. I will provide you with agency caliber expertise in plain English.

I have absolute proof my Best Practices work! Do a search for “search marketing expert” on Google and a blog post I wrote on my personal blog, newmediamike, appears in the number one position. If I can achieve a top ranking for a key phrase in my own industry, think of what I can teach you to rank your site well.

And that’s not all – if you get bogged down during the SEO course I also provide one to one SEO coaching, via email and SKYPE at a fraction of what a so called SEO Guru would charge.

So don’t panic, help is at hand.

Do it Yourself SEO course
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