Top 10 SEO lies

SEO lies are still a major challenge for professional SEO practitioners. Business owners may not always recognize when an SEO snake oil salesman is telling them a lie, especially when it relates to something they don’t know much about. It’s quite sad that the SEO industry is still plagued...
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Do it Yourself SEO course

Congratulations! You launched your brand new website. It looks amazing by the way. So, where is that rush of orders? Where are the hordes fighting their way to your site? Oh, you haven’t experienced that yet. Why not?  After a while you realized something wasn’t right. You heard...
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The Secret to Dominating the Search Results

What is the secret to dominating the search results? How can you dominate the search results through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Before you can dominate the results you must first understand what SEO does. SEO can be summed up in a simple piece of logic that goes like...
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